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emotional-problems~American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) explains teen suicide statistics.

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U.S. teens are getting sleepier: Many lack even seven hours of shut-eye each night and the problem has worsened over two decades, a study found. More than half of s aged 15 and older would need to sleep at least two hours more each night to meet recommendations for adequate rest, heightening

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens Dealing with Anger, , Delinquency, and Other Teen Behavior Problems. Parenting a teenager is never easy, but when your teen is violent, depressed, abusing alcohol or drugs, or engaging in other reckless behaviors, it can seem overwhelming.

Th R l f Sl i th Lif f TThe Role of Sleep in the Life of a Teen • Sleep plays a vital role as cents develop and go through the maturation processmaturation process.

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Teens are notorious for wanting to stay up late and for not wanting to get up early. If your teen is no exception, find out what’s behind this behavior and how you can help him or her get better sleep — starting tonight. Everyone has an internal clock that influences body temperature, sleep cycles

Sleep Problems. What’s there to know about sleeping? Sleep problems are some of the most common problems parents face with their s. You may wonder about how to get your to sleep through the night.

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You can read this article in a selection of languages other than English.. What are persistent sleep problems? Persistent sleep problems affect your ’s ability to sleep or settle over a long period.

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FACTS: Sleep is vital to your well-being, as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. It can even help you to eat better and manage the stress of being a teen.

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You say you are able to function well with fewer than seven hours of sleep. Some people say they can function on four to six hours of sleep each night, but research shows that adults who get fewer than seven hours of sleep — whether for just one night or over the course of days, weeks, or months — have more difficulty concentrating and more

Many ren and teens have sleep problems like trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Simple lifestyle changes and behaviour strategies can help. Article available in: Arabic, Dari, Karen, Persian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese.