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The content on this page is condensed from the ACT for Youth online presentation cent Ethnic and Racial Identity Development by Alana Butler, Cornell University. [] Phinney, J. S. (1989). Stages of ethnic identity development in ity group cents.

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The Racial and Ethnic Disparities Reduction Practice Manual (Practice Manual) is a tool for public officials, agency administrators, community leaders, parents, and other advocates for ren who are working to create more equitable and effective justice systems.

Racial quotas in employment and education are numerical requirements for hiring, promoting, admitting and/or graduating members of a particular racial group.Racial quotas are often established as means of diminishing racial discrimination, addressing under-representation and evident racism against those racial groups or, the opposite, …

African Americans are incarcerated in state prisons across the country at more than five times the rate of whites, and Read More »

Ethnic hatred, inter-ethnic hatred, racial hatred, or ethnic tension refers to feelings and acts of prejudice and hostility towards an ethnic group in various degrees. See list of anti-ethnic and anti-national terms for specific cases.. There are multiple origins for ethnic hatred and the resulting ethnic conflicts.In some societies it is rooted in …

The Ad Interim Committee on Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation has released their report to the 46th General Assembly. This report will be considered by the 46th GA in Atlanta, Georgia, June 13-15, 2018.

Racial-ethnic fairness/DMC. Data-driven strategies to reduce racial and ethnic disparities and promote a more fair justice system.

The Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD) is dedicated to actively encouraging, promoting, and facilitating participation by Division members, student affiliates, and other professionals in the field of counseling psychology, particularly as the involvement pertains to issues of ethnic and racial diversity.

Distribution of Blood types, racial and ethnic of ABO Blood types of how different races have common Blood types with links to rare Blood information.

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Racial/Ethnic ity Students. The opportunity to access higher education and its benefits is imperative for the well-being and advancement of American society.