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One of the missions of the Texas Lyceum is to identify and develop the next generation of top leadership in the State of Texas and to do this, we invest in our Texas colleges, communities, and future leaders by offering scholarship awards to qualified individuals.

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Patron: Mrs Kaye de Jersey. The Club provides a friendly, welcoming environment with Rooms in the Brisbane CBD. In 2019, members will …

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The Lyceum. The Lyceum had been used for philosophical debate long before Aristotle. Philosophers such as Prodicus of Ceos, Protagoras, and …

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The Lyceum Theatre (pronounced ly-CEE-um) is a 2,100-seat West End theatre located in the City of Westminster, on Wellington Street, just off the Strand.The origins of the theatre date to 1765.

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From the group that brought you The Phantom of the Empire and Into the Walker Woods comes the long awaited mash-up of the mega hit musical, WICKED, and the world’s most beloved book and movie series, HARRY POTTER!

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Area9 is a Danish-owned group, which has two main business areas: Learning Technology, and High-Technology Computer Science for optimizing the humans value for companies in call centers, legacy systems migration and process optimization.

The Sydney Lyceum Club Inc. is a member of the Australian Association of Lyceum Clubs, which includes Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

The Lyceum of Monterey County To inspire a life-long love of learning through enrichment programs that stimulate intellectual promise, awaken individual creativity, and foster academic achievement.